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About Andrea

Hi! You deserve copy that impresses readers through its energy and impact. I am an award-winning author that knows how to build authenticity.  I hold a Ph.D. from Boston University and teach commercial writing at the university level. That translates to more traffic to your site and increased conversion rates.  My revolutionary approach connects experience with psychology and social media marketing. It leaves an impression. 

Good writing is smart and fun!

Black Thistle Writing Studio

 Articles and Blogs

Your articles and posts will gain increased traffic! With a proven record of capturing readers, my writing brings power to sales documents, blogs and web pages. Your vision and mission rests on the quality of the copy you provide your readers. From "pro bono" pieces for non-profits to high-level packages for corporations - let me help you stand out from the crowd. Oops. I mean let me bring you a crowd!

How my writing works: 

Strategic word choice and marketing techniques are proven to attract readers and tap into their desire to trust and be comfortable with your business. It's psychology...and it just plain works.  Simply put - I like to read this style and you do too.

What's the buzz?

"Wow. Andrea provided copy that instantly grabbed our readers. I think we saw our product requests double in less than a month. " J. Williams

"Hiring a real writer pays. We never have to worry. Andrea is so easy to work with and I much prefer calling or emailing one person than fighting through impersonal content mills. The best choice we made." Martha G.

"My small business never hired a writer before. We are now saving THOUSANDS of $$ on a writer instead of a marketer. Wish we hired Andrea sooner! The social media approach REALLY works - I can't say enough about how this streamlined our business. We get customers through Facebook and Twitter. Our customers are NOW our best PR campaign! Love this." Matthew O.

"Forget about those SEO and Guru market sellers. Nothing worked for us and we were losing money. Once we hired Andrea to start a blog for the website - it took less than 2 months for us to see results. It literally was our miracle. Thank you Black Thistle Studio!!" R.J. Nichols

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