That's how many chances you get to make an impact on your audience. Just one.

Poor quality copy impedes business and reflects on your services.  Clients and customers respond to writing - it is a living thing and it has a tremendous influence on your public image and brand.

Here is the best kept industry secret.

Your clients are sharing on social media. They are your #1 best (and cheapest) advertising partners. Setting up a professional blog is the smartest and best way to get conversion.

The breakdown:

Blog posts are a special "gift" that your readers can share. This translates to organic growth...that keeps on growing.

Blog posts are the least expensive way to advertise and increase traffic. Lots of traffic.

Your posts show that you CARE about your customers. They

prove you are an expert, giving you authentic social standing.

Trust = more business

Expect a triple increase (minimum) in traffic and conversion. Seriously.

You CAN afford quality 

Project fees start at $50. "Pro Bono" pieces are available for charities.

Give me a ring - we can shoot the breeze and get the ball rolling!


"Don't Wait. The time will never be just right."

Napoleon Hill

Why You NEED to Hire a Writer